sábado, 7 de enero de 2012


Cada chica deberia tener su propio espacio para admirarse. Los tocadores han estado presentes por muchisimo tiempo en la historia tanto como el amor que tenemos por todas las cosas lindas y femeninas. Cuidarnos no deberia ser una cosa mas que hacemos rapidamente en nuestro dia sino que un momento especial y entretenido en el cual somos las unicas protagonistas y como tales nos damos la atencion que merecemos y que tantas veces olvidamos! Espero que te inspires y aunque sea en un pequeño espacio de tu pieza o de tu baño dejes espacio para tu vanidad.

Every girl should have their own space to admire herself. Vanities have been around for a very long time in history as well as the love we have for all things cute and girly! Taking care of ourselves shouldn't be just another quick shore we do everyday, it should be a fun and special moment in which we are the only protagonists and like so we give ourselves the attention we deserve, something so many times forgotten! I hope you get some inspiration and make a little space in your room or bathroom for your vanity.



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  1. I love the very first pic! it's the picture of classyness! love it!

    1. I love it too! Thank you for your lovely comment! ;)

  2. cute!!!


  3. I loved this post, I am actually obsessed by vanity tables, I wish there was more space in my bedroom to buy one, it would be similar to the one you posted...maybe in the future...for now my bathroom is also my personal make up and beauty parlor ! <3
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    1. I know right! ;) me too, my bathroom is like a giant vanity mess! as soon as I move I need to get a vanity table! It's just a MUST HAVE! Thank you for your invites! I'll definitely check them out ;) and thank you for your lovely comment!

  4. just found your blog and i'm so impressed!
    your blog is such a nice inspiration!
    i'm definietely a new follower :)

    xx ju.

    1. Oh! Thank you so much! You've just made my day <3!

  5. cool pictures ;I Lovely post!
    Love Lois xxx



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